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Are you looking for luxury furniture with an exclusive appeal? At House of Furniture, we offer you an extensive range of Eichholtz furniture to create a fitting interior. Discover our Eichholtz showroom in the Netherlands. Find out what House of Furniture has to offer and easily order your furniture online or visit our showroom in person.

Contemporary Eichholtz furniture in the Netherlands

The luxurious and uniquely designed Eichholtz furniture brand has evolved over the years to become one of the world's most renowned and well-known wholesalers of luxury designer furniture, home accessories, and lighting. You can find these exclusive pieces in our Eichholtz showroom in the Netherlands. With a passion for furniture, Eichholtz ensures that your home acquires its own unique identity. Eichholtz represents a lifestyle of luxury and modernity, where every small detail is perfected.

Eichholtz furniture at House of Furniture

At House of Furniture, we offer an exclusive selection of Eichholtz furniture for your home. Our range includes a variety of luxurious Eichholtz furniture and home accessories. You can adorn your living space with an elegant Eichholtz sofa to fully unwind. Additionally, we provide Eichholtz armchairs that complement your Eichholtz sofa perfectly. Apart from these seating options, we have a diverse array of other Eichholtz furniture such as tables, lamps, chairs, and accessories. At House of Furniture, you can effortlessly find the complete interior solution for your home in the Netherlands. We invite you to explore our showroom in The Hague.

Private shopping in our Eichholtz showroom in Noordwijkerhout

If you are in the Netherlands and in search of new luxury furniture for your home, we offer you the option of private shopping in our showroom in Noordwijkerhout. Together with you, we will find a suitable Eichholtz interior while you enjoy refreshments. Moreover, we arrange transportation from all over the Netherlands to our showroom. Feel free to contact us for an exclusive experience in our store with Eichholtz furniture.

We look forward to seeing you in the Eichholtz showroom in Noordwijkerhout.